Chinese New Year Celebration

Dinner Menu

金豬燒九州 Traditional Southern-style Roasted Pork

明蝦迎素席 Prawns Sauteed with Fresh Seasoned Vegetables

Louisiana Style Beef Ribs

炭烤香排骨宴 Honey BBQ Spare Ribs

牛魚戲水玩 Mandarin Style Beef and Fish Pearls

香極醉雞攤 5 Spice Drunken Chicken

川中魯牛奔 Schwann Style Honey Roasted Beef

大拼分數盤 Cold Platter-Garlic Pork Liver and Stomach, Roasted Egg and Garlic Cucumbers

鮮果迎新年 Dessert-Treasure Fruit Plate

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