Evangelistic Presentation Contests

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Deadline: July 13th, 2008


GPCCC / Student Fellowship Evangelistic Presentation Contest Details


But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts, and be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear. (I Peter 3:15)


• Develop computer based presentation slides/materials for nonbelievers and new believers using the most touching testimonies, the most persuasive facts & evidences, the best apologetic resources, and the most enlightening illustrations.
• Use Microsoft PowerPoint Version 97 or higher. Multimedia presentation using Flash or compatible video files (*.wmv, *.avi, *.mpeg, etc.) are welcome but not required.
• Language: Chinese and / Or English. Bilingual is preferred.
• Audience: Non-believers and new believers, specially targeting new ASU students from mainland China and Taiwan.
• Length: All presentations shall be designed for 30 to 45-minute session or less (No more than 40 slides!) If you have too much information, provide hidden slides at the end for Q/A purpose. Or break into multiple 30 to 45-minute sessions.
• Although this contest does not focus on the oral delivery of the presentation, participants are required to provide notes for each slide to assist the audience / users understanding the designers’ intention, the key message, the background information, the supporting facts and details, etc. Type your notes for each slide using PowerPoint Note View.
• Each PowerPoint File shall be less than 50 MB. Reduce your file size using compress image if PowerPoint 2007 or higher is used.
• If your presentation file(s) is less than 10 MB, submit your presentation & Contest Registration Form via email to moc.oohay|nuq_eh#moc.oohay|nuq_eh before the deadline (July 13th, 2008).
• If your presentation file(s) is larger than 10 MB, email moc.oohay|nuq_eh#moc.oohay|nuq_eh before the deadline for additional FTP uploading instruction. No size limitation on video file. Use a reasonable resolution.
• If you prefer to submit a CD, please contact Brother Qun He before the deadline at moc.oohay|nuq_eh#moc.oohay|nuq_eh or 602-320-8228.

• Glorify God!
• Stimulate ASU students at the Student Fellowship to use their time during summer break in a productive and meaningful way.
• Promote studying and sharing of good spiritual material at the fellowship and the church.
• Be prepared to share the gospel with new students who will be arriving at ASU in July and August.
• Establish a pool of good evangelistic presentation materials for fellowship and Sunday School use.
• Considering using outstanding presentation material as script for video/multimedia ministry.

1. Submit a completed Contest Registration Form (see attached word document) and a draft presentation by July 13th, 2008.
2. Presentations will be evaluated between Sunday July 13th and Thursday July 31st.
3. You can continue working on your draft if necessary. Submit your final presentations before Thursday, July 31st.

1. One 1st Place Award. Certificate & $ 50.
2. Two 2nd Place Awards. Certificates & $20 each.
3. Third Place Awards. Certificates & One Pacific Buffet Dinner Admission each. (One third place award will be granted for every 7 participants! Up to 10 awards will be granted.)
4. One person can submit unlimited number of presentations and can win more than one award.
5. Awards will be announced on or shortly after Sunday, August 3rd.

Evaluation Criteria:
Categories Points
Uniqueness /Idea / Concept / Topic Selection 10
Visuals (Graphics, layouts, use of proofs, video, etc.) 20
Notes (Don’t forget to provide notes for each slide) 10
Style (Creativity, not too many words on one slide, etc.) 10
Overall Quality (Spell Check, Format, Organization, etc.) 10
Accuracy of Information, Authenticity 5
Interaction with Audience 10
Unexpected Opening 5
Spiritual Depth 20
Total 100
Note: The contest committee reserves the rights to change the evaluation criteria.

• Contest Committee reserves rights to change / interpret rules of this contest.
• Recommend to include a reference list (website, book name, media name, etc.) for each presentation.
• Participants of this contest are willing to share the presentation for evangelistic usage at GPCCC and its associated fellowships. GPCCC reserves the rights of releasing the presentation material to other Christian organizations. Designers’ names shall be acknowledged when the entire or part of the presentation is used.
• All presentations collected during this contest are not to be used for commercial purpose.
• Participants shall conform with Copy Right Laws and use information / graphic / video / audio material from legal sources.

Suggested Evangelistic / Topics (Not limited to the following):

• Why do I believe in God’s existence
• Evolution vs. Creation, Intelligent Design;
• Evidence of Creator in Physics, Chemistry, Cosmology, etc.;
• Was Jesus Raised From Death?
• Why Jesus is the Son of God?
• Touching Gospel Stories
• Touching testimony of Christians
• Touching Biography of Great Christian Leaders
• Christianity and China: History, Now, and Future
• How to Understand Hardship? If there is God, why 5-12 Earthquake? Why 911? Why poor kids in Africa?
• Biblical Archaeology (Red Sea Crossing, Noah’s Ark, etc.)
• Prophecies in the Bible
• Introducing a good spiritual book (summarize the key points; concentrate the essentials)
• Introducing a good spiritual video (summarize the key points; concentrate the essentials)
• Introducing a good sermon of a famous Pastor / Evangelist (summarize the key points; concentrate the essentials)
• Christianity and Western Civilization (Art, Music, Literature, Architecture, Medical System, Universities, Science, Capitalism, etc.)
• Understanding Christianity through Masterpieces of Art/Music
• Why churches are what they are today? History of Christianity
• Qi-gong, Fa-lun-gong, versus Christianity
• Different Philosophies versus Christianity
• Why not other gods? Why Jesus? Buddhism? Islam? Daoism?
• Why must I trust in Jesus? Why do people need Gospel? Why do I need Christianity faith?
• Who is Jesus?
• What’s Cool about Christianity Life? Why I am a Christian?
• Family Value of Christianity
• How Can A Communist Party Member Believe In Jesus?
• The Authority of The Bible; Why do I believe the Bible is true?

• Participate in a “How To Make A Winning Presentation” workshop at Student Fellowship on Friday, June 27th, 2008. This workshop will be in Chinese.
• Student Fellowship meets at Quo Vadis Books in Tempe, 1037 E Lemon St., Tempe, AZ 85281. SW corner of Terrace and Lemon. Dinner starts at 6:30 PM. Worship at 7:30. Workshop from 8:15 to 9:30.

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