2007 05 25 Event

Time: 5/25-27 (Friday Night to Sunday). You can just stay one or two days and corresponding fee is less.
Location: Prescott松石营地. Camp Pinerock at Prescott, AZ. 1400 Pine Drive, Prescott, AZ 86303.
Fee: 3 days, $70.
Room and Food are provided.
If you don't have car, we will arrange drive for you.
If you think registration fee is expensive, we can pay it for you.

About Registration
Deadline: 5/18. 10% late fees after deadline
You can call Jin Zhou(480-240-0726) or email him (moc.liamg|uohzyrref#moc.liamg|uohzyrref) if you are interested. You can also come to bookstore this Friday (5/11) or go to church this Sunday morning to register.

Introduction of Retreat

From Pastor Derek:

“And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and men.”

Luke 2:52

The above text tells us that as human beings, we are not called to be one dimensional, but rather we are to grow in every aspect of our lives. In the Lord Jesus, at a very young age, the gospel of Luke records that he was maturing in wisdom (applied knowledge – Not just knowing things, but how to live this knowledge out); stature (Physicially he was maturing – It is important that we take care of our bodies and be involved in sports and recreational activities. There’s also the team sport aspect of learning how to get along with others); Favor with God (That is Jesus was growing spiritually), and Favor with men (He was growing relationally and socially.

I bring up all the above because each of you has an opportunity to do the same in attending GPCCC’s annual Church Retreat, from 5/25-27. Situated in the high mountains outside of Prescott, this is a good opportunity to not only avoid the heat of the Sonoran desert, but to also enjoy a retreat, a time of sanctuary away from your normal routine. At the retreat, you will experience the following:

1) Growing in wisdom – From the excellent keynote speakers and workshops, you can learn to apply God’s truth to your lives.

2) Growing in stature – We will have time for games on Saturday’s free afternoon, as well as you don’t have to worry about food because all meals are supplied by the camp.

3) Growing in favor with God – This is a time to spend in prayer, in quiet time, in talking about the things of God with others.

4) Growing in favor with men – This is also a good time for you to come with your friends and enjoy fellowship. Also, there’s a time to meet new people, and to enjoy various activities like hiking, going to enjoy the fair in town, the High Ropes course, and others. We also have a great time at our Saturday Sunset service where we sing, have crazy skits and have lots of laughs.

So all in all I want to encourage you to come out and enjoy this retreat. We want you to know that you’re also welcomed to enjoy any of the English ministry talks or workshops as well. Below is a list of what we’re doing…

The English theme is Cultivating Christian Community and the topics are below:

Message 1 - Friday evening

The Spirit is Moving

Micah 6:8

Objective: to create an awareness of the activity of God stirring in the hearts of His people today to begin to look beyond themselves at the kingdom life here on earth

Message 2 – Saturday morning

Redefining Community: Giving vs. Getting

Ephesians 4:1-10; Acts 2:42-47

Objective: to establish a more comprehensive standard for biblical community that goes beyond seeking to provide that which meets our personal needs

Message 3 – Saturday evening

Christian First, Asian Second

Ephesians 4:11-16; Matthew 18:15-17

Objective: to replace cultural values with Christian responsibility when it comes to relationships – knowing that what is at stake is the reputation of God more than personal comfort

Message 4 – Sunday morning

Left Behind: A Good Thing

Ephesians 4:17-5:14

Objective: to fully embrace the truth that God has left us behind on earth for the sole purpose of being salt and light – living as the people of God under the reign of God to change the world for God through engagement and not isolation

In addition, we will have relevant workshops: Feeding the Time-Starved Marriage, How to Fight Fairly, Biblical Roles for Husbands and Wives, and perhaps a workshop on intimacy for couples.

God bless,

Pastor Derek

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