2007 04 1320 Event Workshop Time Management

Special thanks to He, Qun for preparing and leading the workshop

Are you busy? Sure
Never find enough time?

Doing the good is the enemy of the best.
The student fellowship invite you and your friends to
join our special time management workshops on Friday
nights, April 13th and 20th.

1) Self Diagnose: Analyzing your current time spending
2) Learn the A-B-C-D method to prioritize things
3) Choose the right unit (i.e. years? Months? Weeks?
Days? Hours? Half hours? Minutes?) to management time.
Learn the time management skills.
4) Interactive Workshop: Perform real case time
management training from Purpose, to Goals, to
Projects, to Tasks, to subtasks, and to daily actions.
5) Planning ahead: Use time line to analysis your
life. Identify your life statement. Establish your own
goals for all eight aspects of life.

Material developed based on John Maxwell's leadership
teaching, McKinsey & Company's time management
strategies, Productivity 501 posts, and Professor
Robert Clinton's concepts (Fuller Theology Seminary).

Spending time to management time


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